2018-2019 Spring Edition 
    Dec 02, 2020  
2018-2019 Spring Edition [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Other Educational Opportunities

Philosophy and Rationale

The Saddleback College Honors Program is an interdisciplinary effort to develop exceptional talent, ability, and scholarship in highly motivated students.

The Honors Curriculum

Faculty design Honors classes to

  • develop strong “high-level” cognitive skills such as problem solving, evaluation, synthesis, critical thinking, and independent thinking;
  • build writing and research capabilities in students so that they can excel at upper-division work after transfer;
  • create a challenging, highly interactive, enjoyable academic experience; and
  • take advantage of the opportunities allowed by the smaller class size (25 students per class).

The Honors Program offers a wide variety of UC-transferable courses that fit into the major or general education courses for most students. Check the Class Schedule to see which Honors courses are being offered in any given semester.

Honors Students

Any Saddleback College student may enroll in an Honors class without completing an application or seeking special permission. All students in Honors classes do Honors work and receive “H” transcript credit. By enrolling, a student chooses to do Honors work to Honors standards:

  • Certificate-Track Honors Students have completed an Application for Certificate-Track Status and have been admitted to that status. They may be full-time or part-time students. Certificate-Track status confers benefits outside the classroom, as discussed below.
  • Walk-In Honors Students are those taking one or two Honors classes because of an interest in the subject, the wish to work with the professor, curiosity about Honors, or other reasons.

Changing from Walk-In to Certificate-Track Status is possible, but a deadline does exist. Students lose the right to apply for Certificate-Track status after they complete two Honors courses at Saddleback College. An application must be filed before that point in order to preserve eligibility for eventual admission, even if admission is not granted at that point.

Applications are accepted year-round, but there are deadlines for eligibility for priority registration application See www.saddleback.edu/honors for this year’s dates.  Students should apply as soon as possible regardless of the priority registration dates in order to be eligible for other benefits.

Benefits and Activities

Honors students may participate in a variety of activities that include cultural events, field trips, conferences, independent study projects, and special events at four-year colleges and universities. Certificate-Track students in good standing are eligible for priority registration, free library cards at UC Irvine and UCLA, preferential transfer opportunities, Honors academic and transfer counseling, and other benefits.

Honors Transfer

Students who complete the Honors Program Certificate requirements in good standing are eligible for special admission consideration at many colleges and universities. Additional requirements (e.g., major preparation, GPA) usually exist. Because of the complexity of Honors Program transfer partnerships, students meet each semester with an Honors counselor in the Transfer Center. Some agreements include scholarships, Honors-to-Honors transfer, and other benefits. No agreements provide guarantees.

Certificate-Track Status Requirements

  1. Complete application (see www.saddleback.edu/honors).
  2. For students with fewer than 12 UC-transferable semester units, a weighted academic high school GPA of 3.25 or higher, as evidenced by transcripts (unofficial copies are acceptable).
  3. For students with at least 12 UC-transferable semester units, a GPA of 3.25 in those courses, as shown by transcripts of all college-level work (unofficial copies are acceptable).
  4. Placement by the Matriculation Office in either English 1A or 1B eligibility.
  5. No record of academic dishonesty.

Students who do not meet the GPA minimum are welcome to apply, but should address their academic history in their application and discuss the reasons they are confident of success.

Good Standing

To maintain good standing in the Honors Program, students must maintain their overall GPA at or above 3.25; meet with an Honors counselor in the Transfer Center at least once per semester; make reasonable progress toward completion of academic goals, including Honors coursework; engage in community, school, or leadership service, unless excused; commit no acts of academic dishonesty; and maintain records and good communication with the Transfer Center and the Honors Program Office.

Requirements for the Certificate

  1. Completion of the Honors “core” curriculum, which includes any two of the Culture, Science and Society courses and one of the following three options:
  1. Completion of six additional Honors elective units (usually two courses). Students who complete English 1AH  may complete with five elective units.
  2. Completion of all Honors classes with a GPA of at least 3.20. All Honors courses must be graded.
  3. Good standing at time of completion.

For further Information call 949-582-4853, email schonorsprogram@saddleback.edu, or visit www.saddleback.edu/honors.