2022-2023 College Catalog 
    Sep 29, 2022  
2022-2023 College Catalog

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit by Examination

High School to College Articulation

High school students may be granted college credit pursuant to established CTE articulation agreements between the high school or Regional Occupation Program (ROP) and the applicable college.

The student will apply online to one of the colleges in the SOCCCD. There is no requirement to be currently registered to receive credit.

A letter grade may be assigned and the course will be identified as “Credit by Examination” on the transcript in accordance with official grading assignment on the Course Outline of Record (COR).  Once assigned, a grade is not reversible, and the course is non-repeatable (see Course Repeatability and Repetition policy).

The enrollment fee for credit by examination will not be charged for credit awarded under this provision.

Students who are unsuccessful in obtaining a standard grade of B or better will not be allowed to petition for credit and no record of the attempt for credit by examination will appear on a student’s transcript. 

Note: Students should be aware that some universities will not recognize credit earned through credit by examination for languages other than English in which they have received formal schooling in that language.

Post-Secondary Specific Course Credit (BP 4235 /AR 4235)

Credit by exam may be provided if the course appears in a current college catalog and is determined by the faculty of the appropriate discipline that the course content can be tested by an examination. Also, the student must not have received credit for a more advanced course in the same subject, unless waived by the department:

The procedures to obtain Post-Secondary Credit by Examination for a course are as follows:

  1. The student will initiate the assessment process by meeting with a counselor to submit the Credit for Prior Learning Assessment Petition. The student will need to provide a proof of non-refundable payment, up to the cost of the enrollment fee, for the credit by exam course in order to submit the petition.
  2. The petition and supporting documents will be routed to the appropriate department chair or faculty designee, along with a notification to the Division/School Dean, by the Counseling Department. The department chair or faculty designee will provide the student with further instructions for credit by exam.
  3. The department chair or faculty designee will prepare, administer, and grade the exam.
  4. The department chair or faculty designee shall sign the petition with the recorded grade and forward the completed petition and supporting documents to the Counseling Department.
  5. The Counseling Department will notify the student of the grade and provide the student with the opportunity to accept, decline, or appeal the grade within ten working days.
  6. Upon acceptance or decline of the grade, the Counseling Department will forward the petition and any supporting documents to the Admissions and Records Office to be kept on file and, if accepted, recorded on the student transcript.

Courses eligible for credit by exam.

ACCT 1A   BUS 13   FN 110   GER 3   ID 122   KOR 3   PORT 2  
ARAB 1   CHI 1   FN 120   HEBR 1   ID 123   MFG 200    PRSN 1  
ARAB 2   CHI 2   FN 150   HORT 10   ID 125   MFG 207   PRSN 2  
ARAB 3   CHI 3   FN 205   HORT 106   ID 127   N 160   PRSN 3  
ARCH 120   CIM 121A   FN 244   HORT 11   ID 128   N 170   SPAN 1  
ARCH 161   COUN 150   FN 246   HORT 112   ID 131   N 170L   SPAN 2  
ARCH 162   COUN 40   FN 261   HORT 113   ID 132   N 171   SPAN 20A  
ARCH 163   COUN 51   FN 50   HORT 116   ID 133   N 171  (Lab) SPAN 20B  
ARCH 164   COUN 60   FR 1   HORT 120   ID 134   N 172   SPAN 3  
ARCH 165   DR 102   FR 2   HS 101   ITA 1   N 172L   SPAN 4  
ARCH 211   DR 120   FR 3   HS 112   ITA 2   N 173   SPS 315  
ARCH 212   DR 152   GC 63   HS 140   ITA 3   N 173L   TOUR 250  
ARCH 213   DR 203   GD 144   HS 150   JA 1   N 174   TOUR 259  
ARCH 50   DR 23   GD 200   HS 174   JA 2   N 174L    
AUTO 100   DR 50   GD 210   ID 110   JA 3   N 176    
AUTO 226   ET 101   GER 1   ID 112   KOR 1   N 176L    
AUTO 227   FN 101   GER 2   ID 115   KOR 2   PORT 1