2019-2020 Spring Edition 
    May 24, 2022  
2019-2020 Spring Edition [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


3 units 2 hours lecture 3 hours lab
Transfers: CSU
Skills include manipulating files and folders in Window’s scheme of file management. Competency will be gained using Windows supplied programs to create, save, and print files and customize the desktop. Ability to manage applications and notifications. Use of Edge and Internet Explorer which provides web access will be covered. Ability to install and manage peripheral devices. Set up and use a small network to share information will be introduced. Ability to manage user and accounts and settings and manage power and access options. Students will learn to maintain and optimize their computer’s performance, backing up files, using the Microsoft Account and One Drive. End-user techniques for diagnostic and trouble-shooting procedures will be learned. Assignments include weekly hours in BGS 248 or other location. Formerly CIM 174.