2019-2020 Catalog 
    Oct 26, 2021  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Adult Education English as a Second Language - Intermediate -Advanced Level Certificate of Competency

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The Adult Education in English as a Second Language (AESL) Certificate of Competency–Intermediate-Advanced is designed for students to demonstrate “Advanced Low” English language skills. The goal of this level is to build reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and study skills, so that students can continue to communicate effectively in everyday situations and plus develop the language necessary to work toward career, personal and education goals (including preparation for credit courses).

Students are placed within the following sequence of core courses according to their English abilities and progress through this sequence. Courses may be offered days, evenings and weekends during fall, spring and summer. To enroll in these courses, students demonstrate the competencies from the AESL-Beginning Certificate, or have taken the Beginning-level courses. There are no enrollment limitations or prerequisites for these courses.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

To earn the AESL Certificate of Competency – Intermediate-Advanced, students must demonstrate proficiency in their ability to:

  1. Understand face-to-face and telephone conversations in familiar and unfamiliar contexts.
  2. Take and interpret telephone messages, leave messages on voice mail, and interpret recorded messages.
  3. Use English appropriately in social situations (e.g. ask for and offer opinions and advice; respond to tag questions; express emotions).
  4. Scan for specific details, skim for general ideas, using multi-paragraph authentic reading passages on familiar topics.
  5. Summarize and discuss multi-paragraph reading passages or audio-visual materials.
  6. Write related sentences to form a fully comprehensible paragraph on a topic of personal interest, experience or knowledge.
  7. Write a short biography, personal letters, business letters and letters of complaint
  8. Complete forms such as medical health history, job application, college application.
  9. Interpret and critically assess information from online sources.
  10. Interpret wages, wage deductions, benefits and timekeeping forms

Total Hours for the Certificate 298.80 – 448.20

Students who earn the AESL Certificate of Competency – Intermediate-Advanced are eligible to take AESL Citizenship (708T) and may be prepared to enter the Saddleback College ESL Program or CTE job-preparation program (placement tests required for both).

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