2019-2020 Spring Edition 
    Jul 18, 2024  
2019-2020 Spring Edition [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Studies Associate of Arts

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Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with an integrated and critical knowledge of the natural environment and the relationships and interactions humans have with it. The program provides students with the understanding that environmental challenges face every aspect of society, and it provides them with the skills needed to help solve these complex problems through cooperation and negotiation with the different and often competing stakeholders. The program combines classroom, laboratory, and field study instruction giving students a well-rounded preparation in the field of environmental studies.

The curriculum in the Environmental Studies Associate Degree program is designed to prepare students to transfer to a baccalaureate institution and complete a four year degree in an environmental related field of study, including, but not limited to, Environmental Studies, Environmental Science and Management, Environmental Policy, Energy Studies, Sustainability Studies, Conservation Biology, Ecology, and Wildlife Management. While a baccalaureate or higher degree is recommended for those considering professional careers related to this field, earning the Associate degree would demonstrate achievement and may support attempts to gain entry-level employment and promotion.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate social responsibility by using critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate scientific literacy and ability to engage in scientific inquiry concerning environmental issues through the evaluation and analysis of scientific literature, and presentation of results in written and oral form.
  • Evaluate environmental impact of personal decisions on the local, regional, national, and global environment.

Total Units for the Major: 30-33

Associate of Arts Degree

Complete a minimum of 60 units including the total number of units described above and the General Education requirements with an overall GPA of 2.0 to qualify for the Associate of Arts degree. A minimum of 12 units must be completed at Saddleback College.

General Education Requirements for Associate Degrees

Refer to the Graduation Requirements  or to the CSU-GE and IGETC patterns in this catalog for specific courses which meet general education requirements. Refer to ASSIST.org and to the transfer institution’s catalog for transfer requirements.

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