2020-2021 Spring Edition 
    Sep 28, 2023  
2020-2021 Spring Edition [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administrative Assistant Associate of Science

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The Administrative Assistant program prepares individuals for employment in key staff positions or enhances existing skills of office assistants, office managers, and other professionals.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate key skills for employment in the areas of Administrative Assistant and Executive Administrative Assistant.
  • Apply job skills in technical professional business environments.
  • Demonstrate comprehensive, broad range computer competencies targeting a diverse and multicultural workforce.


Course ID Title Units
BUS 103   Business English 3
CIM 1   or Computer Information Systems 4
CIM 10   or Introduction to Information Systems 3
CIM 112   Microsoft Office 3
CIMA 283B   Office Skills - Keyboarding 0.5
CIMA 102  + Word Processing - Word 3
CIMA 104  + Spreadsheets - Excel 3
CIMA 108   Business Presentations - Powerpoint 3
CIMN 100  + Computer Operating Systems - Windows 3
  Restrictive Electives 3



Restricted Electives (3 Units)  
BUS 102   Oral Business Communications 3
BUS 104  * Business Communication 3
BUS 125   Human Relations in Business 3
CIM 120   Computer Literacy 1.5
CIMA 106   Database - Access 3
CIMA 212   Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 3
CIMA 223A  * Computerized Accounting - Quickbooks–Beginning 1.5
CIMA 223B  * Computerized Accounting - Quickbooks–Advanced 1.5
CIMW 100  * + Web Site Development - HTML 3
CIMW 140   CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) & RWD (Responsive Web Design) 3
CIMW 207   Social Media & Web Fundamentals 1.5

*Course has a prerequisite, corequisite, limitation, or recommended preparation; see course description.

+Completion of the A and B versions of this course can also be used to fulfill this requirement.

Associate of Science Degree

Completion of the certificate program and a minimum of 60 units including the general education requirements with an overall GPA of 2.0 qualifies the student for the Associate of Science degree. A minimum of 12 units must be completed at Saddleback College.

General Education Requirements for Associate Degrees

Refer to the Graduation Requirements  or to the CSU-GE and IGETC patterns in this catalog for specific courses which meet general education requirements. Refer to ASSIST.org and to the transfer institution’s catalog for transfer requirements.


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