2021-2022 Catalog 
    Oct 21, 2021  
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Architecture Associate of Science

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The Associate of Science Degree in Architecture is a two to three-year sequence of courses designed for students who wish to train for employment in architecture or a field related to the construction industry. Majors that students can transfer into include: architecture, architectural engineering, and construction management. This degree is organized to provide the breadth and depth required to practice in entry level positions within the architecture profession and construction industry such as: architectural draftsperson, civil drafter, construction manager, real estate developer, and government building code administration, as well as related construction industry jobs. Students who successfully complete an Associate of Science Degree in Architecture may complete an 8-year internship working for a licensed architect and/or professional engineer and will qualify to take the California Architects License Exam leading to a career as a licensed architect.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Communicate designs in 3 languages of architectural visualization:  Board Drafting, AutoCAD, and Revit.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of at least 7 of the major periods of architectural history: Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, Craftsman, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modern, and Contemporary Architecture.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current construction materials and techniques for residential and commercial construction.
  • Write contract documents used in the architecture, engineering and construction industry.


Course ID Title Units
ARCH 10   Introduction to Architecture 2
ARCH 12   History of Architecture 3
ARCH 50  * or Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting 3
DR 50  * Introduction to Computer-Aided Drafting 3
ARCH 51  * or Computer-Aided Drafting 3
DR 51  * Computer-Aided Drafting 3
ARCH 124A   Architectural Drawing I 4
ARCH 218   Foundation Studio in Architecture 4
ARCH 219  * Residential and Commercial Space Planning 4
ARCH 120  * Revit and Building Information Management (BIM) 4
ARCH 121  * Advanced Revit and Building Information Management II 4
ARCH 34  * Basic Architectural Design I 3
ARCH 42  * Descriptive Drawing and Perspective 3
ARCH 122   Architectural Practice 2
ARCH 124B   Architectural Drawing II 4
ARCH 124C   Architectural Drawing III 4
ARCH 126   Material and Methods of Construction 3
ARCH 231   Leed and Sustainable Architecture 3
  Select from Restricted Electives: 3-6



Restricted Electives:  
ARCH 14   California Architecture 3
ARCH 132  * Residential Planning, Principles and Design 3
ARCH 136   Basic Architectural Design II 3
ARCH 152 * or Advanced Computer-Aided Design 3
DR 152  * Advanced Computer-Aided Design 3
ARCH 161   Blueprint Plans and Specification Reading 4
ARCH 162   Construction Estimating 3
ARCH 163   International Building Code Inspection 4
ARCH 164 * Combination Residential Dwelling Inspection 3
ARCH 165   Electrical Code Inspection 3
ARCH 200   Design in Arizona, Riverside and Palm Springs 1.5
ARCH 211   Concrete Inspection 3
ARCH 212   Plumbing Codes - Drains, Waste, Vents, Water, and Gas 3
ARCH 213   Mechanical Code - Heating, AC, Refrigeration, and Ductwork 3
ARCH 260   Architecture in Northern California 1
ARCH 261   Orange and San Diego Architecture 1
ARCH 262   Los Angeles Architecture 1
ARCH 270   Field Study - European Architectural History 3
ARCH 271   Field Study - European Sketch, Draw, Photo 3
ARCH 272   Field Study - European Design Studio 4

*Course has a prerequisite, corequisite, limitation, or recommended preparation; see course description.

Associate of Science Degree

Complete a minimum of 60 units including the total number of units described above and the General Education requirements with an overall GPA of 2.0 to qualify for the Associate of Science degree. A minimum of 12 units must be completed at Saddleback College.

General Education Requirements for Associate Degrees

Refer to the Graduation Requirements  or to the CSU-GE and IGETC patterns in this catalog for specific courses which meet general education requirements. Refer to ASSIST.org and to the transfer institution’s catalog for transfer requirements.


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