2021-2022 Catalog 
    Sep 26, 2021  
2021-2022 Catalog

Advanced Fashion Design and Apparel Manufacturing Certificate of Achievement

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The Advanced Fashion Design and Apparel Manufacturing certificate prepares Fashion Design students to enter the field of fashion design and apparel manufacturing. It explores the fashion industry and apparel line development from concept to creation. Coursework provides opportunities for students to develop skills further in industrial sewing and advanced garment construction with courses featuring advanced sewing, couture sewing, tailoring, advanced/CAD pattern making, and advanced draping. Additionally, this program provides students with the skills necessary to develop their own line of clothing with courses in apparel design, designing for the fashion industry, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Students will explore textiles, sourcing, spec sheets and pricing. Students will be encouraged to push their creativity and entrepreneurship. All Fashion Design majors will complete an industry internship, create an industry resume/portfolio and tour major fashion companies in the southern CA area. All students will have the opportunity to participate and show their work in the annual fashion show. Students who complete the Fashion Design program and then complete this advanced program will not only be able to design clothing but will also be able to participate in many of the manufacturing processes. They will be prepared for entry level positions in occupations that include: Assistant Fashion Designer, Design Room Assistant, Advanced Sewing Machine Operator, Sourcing Specialist, Tailor, Dressmaker, Custom Sewer, Fabric and Apparel Patternmaker, CAD Patternmaker, Alteration and Fitting Specialist, Technical Designer, and Fashion Entrepreneur.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Produce a professional portfolio showcasing their advanced design skills. This portfolio will increase job opportunities in the field as well as promotion for those already employed.
  • Successfully complete an industry internship including the completion of three individual goals/objectives as determined by themselves and an industry supervisor. Internships give students work experience desirable in job applicants.
  • Create a professional resume showcasing their advanced design skills. This will increase job opportunities in the field as well as promotion for those already employed.
  • Design a line of clothing from concept to creation with constructed samples and manufacturing plan.


Course ID Title Units
FASH 31   Textiles 3
FASH 101   Introduction to Fashion Careers 3
FASH 111  * Sewing for Fashion Design II 3
FASH 112  * or Fashion Sewing–Advanced 3
FASH 211  * or Advanced Dressmaking and Custom Sewing 3
FASH 120  * Tailoring 3
FASH 113  * Couture Sewing 2
FASH 124  * or Wearable Art 3
FASH 240   or Dye Processes on Fabrics 3
FASH 205  * Corset Construction 3
FASH 130  * Flat Pattern Design 4
FASH 132  * Draping Fashion Designs 3
FASH 136  * or Apparel Design 3
FASH 251  * or Designing for a Cause and Sustainable Fashion 3
FASH 224   Accessory Design 3
FASH 141   or Apparel Selection 3
FASH 230   Alterations and Fitting 3
FASH 144   Fashion Trends and Cultural Costumes 3
FASH 145  * § and Internship 1
CWE 180  * † Co-op-Ed Fashion 1
FASH 150   Fashion Apparel and Professional Techniques 3
FASH 154   Fashion Illustration 3
FASH 247   or Special Events Participation 1
FASH 254   Fashion in Southern California 1
FASH 234  * or Advanced Pattern and Design Techniques 2
FASH 238  * or Advanced Draping and Fashion Design 2
FASH 131  * CAD Patternmaking with Tukatech 3
FASH 235  * Designing for the Fashion Industry 2
FASH 155  *« or The Digital Fashion Image 2
FASH 204  « and Understanding Apparel Principles-AIMS Certification 1
FASH 225  « Apparel Cart - Fashion Retailing Online with Easy Cart Shop 1
  Select two courses from Restricted Electives 2



Restricted Electives (2 Units):  
FASH 212   Construction Lab 1
FASH 213  * Designer’s Lab 1
FASH 214  * Couture Lab 1
FASH 216   Costumer’s Lab 1
FASH 219   Dressmaking Lab 1
FASH 220  * Tailor’s Lab 1

*Course has a prerequisite, corequisite, limitation, or recommended preparation; see course description.
†Recommended to be taken in last semester of program.
§Must be taken concurrently with CWE 180.
«Take FASH 155 OR both FASH 204 and FASH 225.

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