2021-2022 Catalog 
    Jul 01, 2022  
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Aging Studies Interdisciplinary Certificate of Achievement

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The Aging Studies Interdisciplinary Certificate focuses on the study of aging, the aging process, and working with older adults in a variety of capacities. Sociological, psychological, and biological aspects of aging are explored.  This certificate aims to educate individuals about the field of aging, while also allowing them to complete coursework in other associated areas of interest. The goal of the certificate is to primarily equip students who are working toward completing (or have completed) related certificates, degrees, or programs, and/or work in the field of aging with foundational knowledge in gerontology. The interdisciplinary certificate allows students to choose elective courses that match pathways that fit within their current area of study.  Career opportunities may include: business, marketing, environmental design, nutrition, nursing, medical assisting, health, wellness, recreation, fitness, food services/preparation, human services, senior communities, home health care, caregiving, and travel/tourism.  Additional certification, degrees, and/or training may be required for the fields listed depending on the employer and occupation.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Explain the key sociological, psychological, and biological concepts associated with the study of aging.
  • Apply theoretical perspectives to analyze current and historical topics associated with the study of aging.
  • Evaluate the family, government, and community support systems for diverse groups of aging individuals.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in one of the suggested pathways of study within the Aging Studies Certificate Program.

Required Core (3 Units):

Course ID Title Units
SOC 180   Introduction to Aging 3
Required Core (6 Units), Choose Two of the following:  
SOC 16   Death and Dying 3
SOC 125   Sociology of Aging 3
PSYC 25  * Psychology of Aging 3
  Restricted Electives 3-4



Restricted Electives - Choose a minimum of 3-4 units based on the student’s pathway:  
Pathway - Business  
ACCT 120   Introduction to Financial Planning 3
BUS 16   Personal Law, Street Law 3
BUS 105   Social Media Marketing 3
BUS 135   Marketing 3
BUS 160   Entrepreneurship 3
Pathway - Environmental Design  
ARCH 124A   Architectural Drawing I 4
ARCH 219  * Residential and Commercial Space Planning 4
ID 210  * Hospitality Design 3
ID 214  * Bath Design 3
ID 215  * Kitchen Design 3
Pathway - Foods/Nutrition  
FN 50   Fundamentals of Nutrition 3
FN 110  * Food Preparation Essentials 3
FN 169  * Lifecycle Nutrition 3
FN 210   ServSafe in Food Production 1
FN 232  * Techniques of Healthy Cooking 2
FN 246  * Pantry 3
Pathway - Health and Well-Being  
HLTH 1   Contemporary Health Issues 3
HLTH 2   First AID, CPR, and Automated External Defibrillator 1.5
HLTH 3   Women’s Health Issues 3
HSC 151  or Intro to Therapy and Career Exploration of Rehabilitation 3
KNEA 151   Intro to Therapy and Career Exploration of Rehabilitation 3
KNES 60  * Anatomy and Fundamentals of Yoga 3
Pathway - Health Sciences  
HIT 101   Alternative Healthcare Delivery Systems 2
HSC 106   Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information 3
HSC 291   Management of Aggressive Behavior in Healthcare Settings 0.5
MA 206   Introduction to Medical Assisting 3
N 204   Beginning Nursing Concepts 2
Pathway - Human Services  
HS 120   Human Development in the Social Environment 3
HS 131   Multicultural and Diverse Populations in the United States 3
HS 140   Group Leadership and Group Process 3
HS 174   Case Administration, Crisis Intervention and Referral 3
HS 220   Benefits and Entitlement 3

*Course has a prerequisite, corequisite, limitation, or recommended preparation; see course description.

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