2021-2022 Catalog 
    Dec 08, 2021  
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional Development for Preschool/TK Educator Certificate of Achievement

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This certificate provides professional development for teachers of children 3-6 in a variety of settings including state preschool, Head Start, and transitional kindergarten. It meets the needs of transitional kindergarten teachers who are required to have 24 units of child development or early childhood education in addition to their bachelor’s degree and multiple subjects teaching credential (ED Code 48000). In-depth study of the learning and developmental needs of children ages 3-6, the California Preschool Frameworks and Foundations, exploration of various classroom management and observation and assessment techniques are addressed. The content, resources, and methodology are relevant as professional development for any California Child Development Permit holder, preschool, transitional kindergarten, or kindergarten teacher.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Plan individualized, and differentiated instruction based on reflective practice, observations and developmental needs of children ages 3-6.
  • Apply their understanding of the California Preschool Foundations and Frameworks to plan integrated curriculum.
  • Evaluate culturally and linguistically responsive practices that include the families of the children in the classroom.


Course ID Title Units
CDE 124  *    Preschool and Early Primary Child Development 3
CDE 119   Challenging Behaviors 3
CDE 120  * Observation and Assessment 3
CDE 251   CA Preschool Foundations & Frameworks- Language, Literacy 1
CDE 253   CA Preschool Foundations & Frameworks - Math 1
CDE 250   CA Preschool Foundations & Frameworks - Social and Emotional 1
CDE 252   CA Preschool Foundations & Frameworks - English Language Dev 1
CDE 256   CA Preschool Foundations & Frameworks - Physical Development 1
CDE 257   A Preschool Foundations & Frameworks - Health 1
CDE 254   CA Preschool Foundations & Frameworks - Visual Arts 1
CDE 255   CA Preschool Foundations & Frameworks - Performing Arts 1
CDE 259   CA Preschool Foundations and Frameworks - Science 1
CDE 258   CA Preschool Foundation & Frameworks - History-Soc Science 1
CDE 110  * or Introduction to Curriculum 3
CDE 121  * or Practicum-The Student Teaching Experience 4
CWE 180  or CO-OP-ED Child Development and Education 1
CWE 180   CO-OP-ED Child Development and Education 2
  Restricted Electives 3



RESTRICTED ELECTIVES - Choose one (3 Units)
CDE 15  * Child, Family, and Community 3
CDE 101   Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children 3
CDE 31  * Educational Psychology 3
CDE 117   Teaching in a Diverse Society 3
CDE 140   Curriculum and Strategies for Children With Special Needs 3
*Course has a prerequisite, corequisite, limitation, or recommended preparation; see course description.


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